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Flawless Floral Wedding Cakes for Spring

Flawless Floral Wedding Cakes for Spring

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Wedding cake season is in full bloom!

It’s no secret that we are obsessed with cake artistry. From the first airings of Cake Boss to the most recent season of Cake Wars, we are in awe of the skill and dexterity these cake artists possess. Wedding cake styles have evolved from the traditional white tiers to the amazing sculptures we admire today.

Flawless Floral Wedding Cakes for Spring

The styles and methods may vary, but one thing is universally true about the trend of wedding cakes: the more personalized, the better. And there are wedding cake bakeries out there that consistently exceed expectations, searching for the latest design techniques that will make the cake as dreamy as the wedding itself.

Bridal season naturally coincides with spring. The weather is beautiful, the colors are brighter, and the feeling of love is in the air. Spring colors are extremely influential in wedding plans, so it makes sense that they would be the design focus for your wedding cake.

If a splash of color can make your cake come alive, imagine what an entirely bright cake full of flowers could do! So many couples are ditching white frosted cakes in favor of beautiful, vibrant confections.

From cascading blossoms to tiers of petals, there is an unbelievable amount of beautiful, floral ways to decorate your wedding cake. Check out some of these freshly blossomed cakes for your spring wedding.

Bridal Rustic Bliss

This gorgeous wedding cake, constructed by Jacques Fine European Pastries, is great for a couple who wants to bring a rustic touch to their spring wedding.

Cascading Flowers

We can practically smell these gorgeous cascading blossoms from Sadie May Cakes. We are particularly in love with the details on the peony petals.

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