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Licorice liqueur

Licorice liqueur

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Licorice liqueur recipe from of 23-02-2013 [Updated on 19-07-2016]

Licorice liqueur is one of the things I most love to taste when I go to Calabria, so this summer back from vacation I bought some bags of pure licorice powder to prepare the homemade liqueur and be able to taste my beloved liqueur occurrence. The licorice liqueur in addition to being perfect to be served on any occasion, is also an excellent digestive, the recipe is very simple and is the one I found on the powder bags, it is really a great experiment that licorice lovers will not be able to do escape. Have a good day and a happy weekend, kiss us


How to make licorice liqueur

How to prepare an excellent licorice liqueur

by Giorgia Di Sabatino Contributor

A digestive that is always appreciated, especially in summer dinners. Always keep strictly in the freezer next to the limoncello

The licorice liqueur it's a super digestive very pleasant to sip cold after meals.
Preparing it is very simple. Here is ours recipe.

How to choose the right licorice

First get yourself some licorice of excellent quality.
In some recipes you will find the dust which, however, is not easy to find on the market, instead we suggest the pure licorice in tablets, sticks or sticks. The roots are not good.
Pure licorice is the dark, hard and very intense taste that you can also find packaged or sold loose in health food stores and natural products stores. Many candy stalls in city markets also have pure licorice, but try it before you buy it because it is often not very tasty.

Which alcohol to use

The alcohol for the preparation of homemade liqueurs is that 95% which is easily found on the market in all supermarkets.
Always remember that it should be mixed with one sugar-based syrup and then with the base ingredient.
In many preparations with herbs, fruits and spices the ingredients are left to infuse in alcohol for days to disperse all their flavor.

Licorice liqueur

Prepare this fresh and digestive drink for you and your friends. The process is really very simple.
Jumbled up 100 g of pure licorice with 600 ml of water and wait for it to dissolve completely. It will take approx 48 hours.
You mix the mixture from time to time.
Then prepare a syrup with 1 kg of sugar and 600 ml of water and melt the sugar keeping the heat very low.
Once cold, mix the syrup with the licorice concentrate and then add 1 liter of 95% alcohol.
Pour the liqueur into the bottles and wait a few weeks before consuming it.
It can be kept in the refrigerator or freezer and served cold.

Recipes in the kitchen with liqueurs and typical products

The recognized beneficial properties,
known since ancient times, combined with
quality and the genuineness of
Liquorice of Calabria
make this typical Calabrian liqueur
an elixir to be enjoyed at any moment of the day.

1/4 of German Annunziato Liquorice liqueur
3/4 of almond milk.
Shake well and pour into a flute.
It can also be served accompanied with a mixture of:
3/4 of cream
1/4 spearmint syrup.
Shake everything and place it in a briquette

Licorice and yogurt pineapple
(for 5 people)

A glass of German Licorice liqueur, 1 pineapple, 200 gr. of butter, 300 gr. sugar, yogurt.

Melt the butter with the sugar in a pan and caramelize everything. Cut the fresh pineapple into chunks and put it on the resulting syrup. Cook for 10 minutes on low heat.
When cooked, pour the licorice liqueur. Arrange the pineapple in fruit salad bowls together with the sauce, sprinkle everything with low-fat yogurt or pineapple yogurt to taste and serve.


Put thewater and sugar and let them melt.

Join the pure licorice and over low heat stir continuously until the licorice has dissolved completely.

Turn off the heat and let it cool then add thealcohol and mix with a spoon. Transfer the licorice liqueur to a bottle and place it in the fridge or freezer to cool.

You can enjoy it from day one.


You can keep the liquorice liqueur up to a year in the freezer.

I advise you to use an old saucepan to prepare it because it will get very dirty.

Maybe you might also be interested in how to do the LIMONCELLO CREAM or the CAPPUCCINO LIQUEUR also how to do the LIMONCELLO.

Sweets Recipes: 1001 Sweets and Cakes Recipes

Prepare the Licorice liqueur according to the Calabrian recipe it guarantees success.

When you have guests, you never know what to accompany your desserts? Licorice Liqueur is definitely what you need. Licorice, a plant native to the Mediterranean area, grows spontaneously along the Calabrian coast, so this liqueur is typical of Calabria, but you can find licorice powder in any shop specializing in typical products.

Especially if homemade, the liqueurs go perfectly with desserts. Its intense black color also makes it very elegant, on the other hand we know that black is always in fashion -) I usually serve it to accompany ice cream. I thank Annamaria Aiello who asked me for this recipe on the Dolci Ricette Facebook page.

Remember to let me know how you got the Liquorice Liqueur leaving a comment at the bottom or sharing the photo with me on the Dolci Ricette Facebook page

HOW TO PREPARE Licorice Liqueur
  1. Pour in the water, sugar and licorice powder in a saucepan and bring to a boil.
  2. Let it cool down at room temperature for 5 hours.
  3. Add the alcohol and mix well.
  4. Decant the liquid in bottles and leave them in the freezer for 5 hours.
  5. Serve cold.
  • you can add Liquor spices and aromas according to your tastes.
  • Once bottled you can keep the Liquorice Liqueur in the freezer for several months.
VIDEO RECIPES of Liquorice Liqueur
Dense Licorice Liqueur

Here's how to prepare Licorice Liqueur at home.

OTHER RECIPES for Licorice Liqueur
Liquorice Thermomix

Here is the recipe to prepare Hazelnut Ice Cream with the most famous ice cream maker ever, the legendary Simac.

Salt and pepper as required

Hi, I discovered your blog via "the little house" and its request for liqueur recipes.
Really nice, you can definitely count me among your readers.
I love licorice and I really like this recipe, thanks I will definitely try it.
I will also go to look for those of the jam, it really makes me sick a lot. Congratulations again. Marinella

this recipe is really good, definitely worth trying. can I put a link to your blog in mine?

Coco, this is also very worthy of paper copying .. at Easter I will happily give it away to my mother BY FORCING HER to try her hand! I tasted it at Christmas from a friend of mine and it was very strong but sooo good! THANK YOU!

Thanks Vanilla and congratulations for your blog in which I will entertain as soon as possible I have seen very interesting things

dear coco. I don't understand why to boast of having tried and found the right recipe for licorice liqueur, it was copied from []

Ratus42 I thank you for visiting my blog and for the tip, first of all I am a woman and then generally when I copy something I have no problem admitting it in fact if you browse a little in my blog you realize it, the fact is that it really is my recipe was born after various experimentations of recipes, however, I am pleased to have arrived at the same result as someone else. But is that of the site you indicate to me yours?

Ratus42: for mere tuziorism I confirm that I have checked the recipe you are talking about and the doses are not even the same

dear Coco, a friend is sending me powdered licorice, which comes from a factory in Rossano. I have searched Google for some recipes, but none convinces me, as they provide an unorthodox method for extracting licorice with alcohol: that is, melting the licorice while hot and then adding alcohol and sugar. Since I prepare excellent limoncini and nocini, I thought you would use the same method, which in the end is exactly like what you use for licorice. (alcoholic extraction of the licorice and then add the syrup of water and sugar)
Your doses (500 alcohol, 500 gr sugar (= 312 ml in volume) and 750 ml of water give a final alcohol content of 30.4 & # 176.
What gradation does the commercial one have? for sugar, you add 20% sugar. Does it come very sweet? I prefer limoncino a little sweet, so I add 8%.
Last question, what do you think of powdered licorice? I think it goes very well, as alcohol allows an excellent extraction.
But I still have to try it.

@Gaianantonio the recipe that I use involves a double procedure infusion of roots and licorice and then syrup with sugar water and licorice that has been infused and that must melt on the fire, the liqueur that comes out is an almost thick and wonderful black cream and very loaded with the taste of licorice. I use the powder to make truffles, for a sauce to combine with panna cotta etc. but never for the liqueur for which I do not know whether to tell you to try because at that point the method of production of the liqueur would change. If you try, however, let me know a warm greeting

hello cocò, he made the liqueur following your recipe to the letter, the only thing is that it seems too alcoholic. maybe you need more water, what do you say?

@ Anonymous Ros I think it is about tastes, my personal opinion is that the liqueurs must be alcoholic if you add water it loses a little but if you want to try add sugar if not it becomes dull, let me know hello

I only added half a glass of water, cmq whoever tried it told me that it is good. I do not understand alcohol at all. thanks and bye

. is not the case to use Amarelli pure licorice powder? In particular, compared to the licorice in pieces, it dissolves better, with an evident result.

@ Anonymous I also used the powder but the result is better with the flakes the liqueur is creamier and the taste more full-bodied

However, for the various recipes on the use of licorice powder (liqueur, ice cream and much more) gustidellasibaritide, which sells the product on the net, has at least a dozen

I tried it and I liked it a lot, thanks CoCò! Compared to the method I usually use, without roots, this makes the liquor stronger, more alcoholic. It is very good, even if I must admit that not being used to drinking I went on fire at the first sip: D Hello!

@Anoniomo licorice powder is good for many other things such as truffles and various desserts but for liquor the difference is licorice
@barbara luckily that is a little fortino the liquor if not how good it is we would drink it by the liter

Hi, I would like to try your recipe for Christmas gifts, but I would like to know with these doses how much liquor comes out. thank you very much!

@EgniDove hello with the indicated doses a couple of beautiful bottles come out.

& quotfor mere tuziorism & quot. but please. use these expressions in the appropriate places, read in a cooking blog makes me want to browse. Hello.

Hi I'm Francesco, Sicilian by origin but Veneto by adoption, since I was a child I have always been attracted to cooking, by what could be created with a few simple ingredients. For some time I have made the Kenwood cooking chef and the thermomix my best allies, and to complete the work I also brought the blast chiller into my kitchen. Always remember that among these virtual pages you will be able to see my results, obtained with their help. A hug Francesco

Licorice Mojito

1) Place the half lime cut into 4 pieces in a glass.

2) Add the sugar and with a pestle press until it is dissolved.

3) Then add the mint, crushed ice, licorice liqueur, Rum and soda until the glass is full.

4) Mix everything well and decorate with a sprig of mint and / or a stick of licorice root.

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Homemade Licorice Liqueur

For all Licorice lovers, here is the very simple recipe of an artisanal liqueur that is made in a few simple steps and in a short time, using one of Amarelli's flagship products: Licorice Powder.

The preparation of this licorice liqueur is quick and the result is truly exceptional. Seeing is believing!

  1. In a non-stick pan with a capacity of at least 5 liters, bring to a boil 1.5 liters from still water.
    Add you 1.2 kg from Sugar And 200 g from Amarelli Licorice Powdergradually adding it through a sieve and continuing to mix until the powder and sugar have dissolved.
  2. Then turn off the heat and continue stirring the syrup until it cools.
  3. Once this has reached room temperature combine 1 liter of alcohol at 95 °, stirring the mixture with a spoon or ladle to mix the syrup and alcohol.
  4. The time has finally come to bottle our delicious elixir!
  5. Once you have poured your mixture, remember to shake the bottle that contains it from time to time, to avoid accumulations or lumps of licorice on the bottom.

It is possible to taste this delicious and very fresh licorice liqueur homemade immediately. But by letting it rest for a month or two we will be able to enjoy its unique and refreshing flavor at the maximum of its organoleptic properties.

Licorice Liqueur - Recipes

In a fortnight it will be even better. I just do it occasionally because it is the only one I can drink willingly.
Hi Veggie

But would pure licorice flakes be chopped licorice stick? I only found the one in the parapharmacy :(!

It is already sold in flakes, but if you can shred whole sticks, they are fine anyway as long as it's pure licorice and not those chewy sticks that are sold at fairs.
Hi Veggie

Hi Veggie! We would like to try to produce it. In place of the 5 roots we found those already chopped and we were told that obviously the aroma will be stronger. What quantity in grams do you recommend to use for a good result?
And the amount of that also remains unchanged?
Thanks ^^

I recommend making a rough calculation of the weight of the 5 roots and using half the weight in chopped roots.
The rest I would leave it unchanged.
Hi Veggie

thank you. I've been waiting for months to be able to make this liqueur! licorice flakes: are those bought at the grocery store okay? or should I go to a herbalist's shop. The same goes for the roots and for the latter what is the quantity? That is, how much should the 5 weigh? Thanks, thanks, thanks. hello from francesca

Grocery stores are fine if you're sure it's pure licorice (no sugar, no flavorings, no preservatives, and more).
For sticks, weight is not so important, put 4-5 medium sized sticks. If they are big you can also put 3, if they are those thin sticks you can put 5.
Hi Veggie

This comment was deleted by a blog administrator.

Instead of coming to break here, then do it and without advertising other sites, there is no advertising here

Hi Veggie, I randomly saw a video of this liqueur on Facebook and as it is produced in one day I came up with the idea of ​​doing it for Christmas.
I immediately ran here to see if you have it too, and here I am.
Do not get angry about my question, in your preparation I can not make it for Christmas and then I wanted to ask you if I can put you the link of what I saw and / or modify it as you advise me, or if you have a faster recipe.
It's still. Are there the bottles in the photo on the internet? so they cost less?
Thank you

Well, what's the point of putting the link, if you want to do what you found on the internet do it, but today is December 12th, how can it be a 10-day liquor?
You should give it away saying to drink it in 2 months.
Are you sure you want to do this?
I don't know where those bottles are bought, I have a couple of other liqueurs.
Hi Veggie

Video: λικέρ τζίντζερ υπότιτλοι (July 2022).


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