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Lamb borscht with red loboda

Lamb borscht with red loboda

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  • 600 gr lamb meat with bone (from the neck, spinal cord)
  • 2-3 green onion bindings
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 tablespoon rice
  • 3 red loboda ties
  • 500 ml bag
  • salt
  • ground black pepper
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 200 ml sour cream
  • 1 yolk
  • green Lovage

Servings: 5

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Lamb borscht with red loboda:

Cut the meat into suitable pieces, wash it and put it on the fire in a pot of cold water. Froth as many times as needed and let the meat boil, depending on how tender the lamb is, 15-20 minutes. Meanwhile, clean and chop the diced carrots, and the green onion into thin slices, separating the white part from the green one. Add the carrots, the white part of the onion and the rice and let it boil for 10 minutes. Wash the loboda and cut it as small as possible, throwing the tails. Add the loboda, the green part of the onion, the separate boiled borscht, salt and pepper to taste. Let it boil for 5 minutes. Separately, beat the yolk with the sour cream and add the finely chopped garlic. Pour a little hot juice over the mixture of the yolk and sour cream, stirring constantly. Put the larch in the soup, let it boil for 2-3 minutes, then add the sour cream, stirring constantly. We put out the fire. Serve the borscht hot.

Borscht, soups and broths

To make borsch, borsch and soups you don't need too much time or too much skill, as long as you choose the right recipe. And there are plenty of variations - light, quick recipes that don't require too many ingredients.
In addition, soups and broths of any kind are very healthy because they ensure optimal hydration, help you saturate with fewer calories and contain many vitamins if you use vegetables in full. The soup is even richer in vitamins due to the added borscht, provided you don't boil it too much. Here are some reasons to try borscht, soup and soup recipes.

In Romanian cuisine, soups play a very important role, being served even on special occasions - potroace soup that is part of the tradition of weddings - or holidays - lamb soup is not missing from any Easter meal. In addition, belly soup, vegetable borscht or fish soups are part of the Romanian culinary tradition. Obviously, the recipes differ depending on the area, so in the counties on the Danube the fish soup is often eaten, in Moldova the famous Moldovan borscht is consumed, and in Muntenia people prefer potato soup.

If you are tired of borscht and soup, you can try more exotic cream soup recipes based on peas, carrots, cauliflower, spinach or combinations of several vegetables decorated with greens and served with croutons.

The soup entered the Romanian gastronomy through the Slavic peoples I came in contact with. Sour soups are a tradition in Slavic cuisines and parts of Asia, while the rest of the people prefer uncooked soup. However, each of them has its own soup recipes passed down from generation to generation. The French are famous for bouillabaisse, a fish soup, the Greeks masterfully make fasolada, a bean soup, the Spaniards are famous for a tomato soup called gazpacho, and the Italians are accustomed to eating minestrone, a delicious vegetable soup.

In the Scandinavian and Baltic countries, but also in the Orient, recipes are prepared that seem strange to us: fruit soups. They can be served cold, hot or hot and are said to be delicious. Fruktsuppe, a Norwegian specialty, is made from raisins, plums and other dried fruits. In other parts of Europe, people enjoy cherry soup, made with cream and sugar. Cinnamon, cloves or alcoholic beverages, such as wine or brandy, can be added to some fruit soup recipes.

Now let me tell you the secret of the simplicity I mentioned above: instead of chopping celery, onion, pepper and carrots to the millimeter, I threw them all, peeled (except the pepper, of course), in a pot of 3 liters of cold water. You can, of course, cut them into cubes and enjoy them on your plate, but I preferred this option because I wanted a borscht as clear as possible, without too much solid stuff in it.

Let's go back! I let the celery, carrot, onion and bell pepper simmer for about an hour, during which time I added another pot of hot water.

Meanwhile, I peeled the potatoes and cut them into cubes, which I left in a bowl of water so that they would not oxidize until it was their turn to bubble in the pot.

After that, I took the loboda by the hand. Again, I'm telling you how I did it, not how it's usually done or how it should be. I just broke the werewolf leaves, I threw away the stems this time, because I didn't feel like seeing them in the pot. I washed the leaves well under a stream of cold water, then chopped them as they came to my hand.

After it was time to cook the vegetables, I took them all out and took them away.

In their place I put the potatoes and loboda, which I boiled for about half an hour (I tested before they were boiled potatoes), together with the borscht boiled beforehand and still hot.

Towards the end, I chopped the larch leaves and threw them in the pot. I adjusted the salt, left it on the fire for about 3 minutes and that's it.

All I had to do was cover the pot with a lid and let the flavors befriend for about half an hour. After that, at the table!

This lobster borscht can be eaten hot and cold, but necessarily with green onions. Have fun!

Red lobster soup and stevia

Red lobster soup and stevia from: red loboda, stevia, onion, rice, carrots, potatoes, larch, oil and spices.


  • 10 bundles of red wolf
  • 1 stevia link
  • 1 medium onion
  • 1 handful of rice (about 100 g)
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 large potato
  • 1 larch connection
  • oil

Method of preparation:

Grate the vegetables on a large grater (carrot, potato, onion). Wash well loboda and patience, finely chop them. vegetables Put it with a little oil and simmer it in a 3-4 l pot. Let it soften for a few minutes, then add water. When it starts to boil vegetables, chicken rice picked and washed. After they have all cooked, add the spices to taste and then loboda and patience.

Bring to a boil and sprinkle lovage green. Whoever wants to eat sweets can get it right soup at the end with 2 beaten eggs with cream, to taste.

Preparation Lobster borscht with greens

The vegetables are cleaned, washed and finely chopped. Put it to boil in a pot with water and salt. Bring to the boil for half an hour, then add the rice and simmer until the rice is almost ready. Add the loboda, cleaned, washed and finely chopped. After boiling, add the borscht and season with salt. Leave it to boil for half an hour, season with egg and add the finely chopped parsley. Serve with pleasure!

Try this video recipe too

Lamb borscht with loboda and stevia

Lamb borscht with loboda and stevia from: lamb, onion, carrot, celery, parsnip, bell pepper, hot pepper, sugar, stevia, red loboda, larch, borscht, rice, tomatoes in broth and eggs.


  • 800 g of lamb for borscht
  • 2 onions
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 small celery
  • 1 parsnip
  • 1 bell pepper
  • 1 hot pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon sugar
  • 3 stevia bindings
  • 3 red loboda ties
  • 3 bindings
  • borscht to taste
  • 1 tablespoon rice
  • 1 can of red broth
  • 2 eggs (optional)

Method of preparation:

Portion the meat, wash it and boil it in cold water. After a few boils, discard the water, wash the pot and clean the foam, then boil it again in cold water with half a teaspoon of sugar. When it starts to boil, add the finely chopped onion and chopped pepper, the roots given on the grater and let them boil until the meat is almost cooked.

Add the rice and after 10 minutes add the chopped tomatoes, stevia and loboda. After the vegetables are cooked, add the borscht, to taste and the larch. After you put out the fire, you can beat the eggs and put them in the borscht. It will have a special taste. Serve the borscht with a hot pepper next to it.

What pieces of lamb are good for soup?

I always use the lamb's head, tail and neck. They are excellent for this soup recipe. I keep the lamb ribs for stew or dill food (I will post these two wonderful recipes soon). Lamb is boiled quickly, do not forget that lamb is a young animal, so the cooking time is 40-45 minutes.

With this recipe we will feel tomorrow, of Ascension, closer to our loved ones. I highly recommend you to try it.

Honey soup - Ingredient

  • 1.5 kg of bone-in lamb (head, neck, tail)
  • 2 green onion bindings
  • 2 green or red loboda ties (I had green loboda)
  • 1 macris connection
  • 1 link leustean
  • 300 ml bag
  • salt

Ingredients liezon for lamb borscht

Lamb soup and spring greens - Preparation

  • Put the lamb in a large pot (neck cut into suitable pieces, lamb head cut in half) and cover with 6 liters of cold water. Add 1 teaspoon full of salt and cook the meat over medium heat.

  • After the foam no longer forms, add the green onion, also with the tails, chopped properly, and the chopped larch and also finely chopped.

  • Boil the soup for 30 -35 minutes or until the meat is well cooked.
  • Now add the borscht, boiled before and strained, the sorrel and loboda, finely chopped.

How to straighten soup with sour cream and yolks (liezon)

  • In a bowl, mix the cream and the yolks. Add 2 tablespoons of hot soup over and mix. Add the usual mixture to the pot with lamb soup.

Careful! The soup should not be on the fire, so add the mixture to the pot after turning off the heat.

Wash the loboda leaves well and scald them for 2-3 minutes, then let them drain until they cool.

We cut all the vegetables into small pieces, we cut the potatoes into cubes, we chop the parsley and the larch into small pieces and we cut the strips.

In a pressure cooker, I put approx. 3 liters of water, vegetables and greens, including loboda, broth, I put the lid on and when it started to boil, I turned the valve down and left approx. 15 minutes on low heat to simmer.

After the vegetables were cooked, I carefully removed the lid from the pot (I put the pot under the cold water jet until no more noise is heard, then I lift the lid without any problem) and I soured the soup with homemade borscht (in depending on how sour you like it).

At the end, I seasoned with salt to taste, leave a little until it boils and everything is ready.

5 recipes with lamb for the Easter meal

Lamb tripe

Lamb dishes are not missing from the Easter table. We present you 5 recipes with lamb: lamb fillet, lamb borscht with larch, lamb stew, grilled lamb skewers and lamb leg marinated in yogurt.



Ingredients: lamb entrails (heart, liver, kidneys), 500 g chicken liver, 4 boiled eggs and 4 raw eggs, 4 bundles of green onions, 3 bundles of parsley, 3 bundles of dill, two slices of bread, a cup of milk, salt, pepper, breadcrumbs, lamb puree. Put in a saucepan, for an hour, the lamb entrails and chicken livers, with cold water. Bring to the boil in salted water and froth from time to time. Put the entrails and slices of bread soaked in milk through the mincer. Mix with chopped greens and raw eggs. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Grease a pan with oil and line it with breadcrumbs, then put the pan with the edges out. Fill the tray halfway with the drob composition, arrange boiled eggs and pour the rest of the composition on top. Cover with the lid and bake for 40-45 minutes. After it cools, cut the lamb chop into slices.

2. LAMB BORS WITH LEUSTEAN Ingredients: 750 g of lamb ribs, 3 carrots, a bunch of green onions, 3 bunches of loboda, 5 tablespoons of rice, 500 ml of borscht, a bunch of larch, salt, pepper, bay leaves. Boil water with bay leaf and spices. Put the lamb ribs in boiling water, separated from each other.

How do we prepare a delicious soup for Easter?

First of all, for a tasty lamb soup, boil the lamb and leave it until it is almost ready. Being a young animal, it will not last very long. Then add the diced vegetables. I used onions, parsley root, parsnips and celery, bell peppers and carrots. At the end, I added a little green onion for extra flavor. You can also add sorrel, loboda or even lettuce, if you want. The sorrel is sour and fits wonderfully in lamb soup. If you choose not to straighten it, you can put some chopped tomatoes in the soup. They can be fresh tomatoes, canned or even frozen.

At the end you can straighten the lamb soup with sour cream and yolk. You can also leave it untouched, the borscht being enough. However, being a holiday soup, I also like to use sour cream. When straightening any soup, be sure to add hot soup to the cream and egg mixture and never the other way around. By lightly bringing the cream to the temperature of the soup, you will not risk it being cut and you will get a creamy lamb soup. Serve hot with home bread and hot peppers and enjoy a wonderful soup on a holiday! For a perfect Easter dessert, I invite you to try my recipe for Easter with cozonac dough.

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