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New Zealand Pizza Hut Puts Marmite in Their Crust

New Zealand Pizza Hut Puts Marmite in Their Crust

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The New Zealand branch of Pizza Hut has just announced that they will be offering Marmite and Mozzarella-Stuffed Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut New Zealand just posted this picture of their new pizza. Would you try it?

Pizza Hut New Zealand just announced that they will be offering a pizza for their stores Down Under: a “Chee-zee” Marmite and mozzarella-stuffed crust pie. For you Yanks, Marmite is a sticky-brown, salty spread similar to Vegemite that’s extremely popular in Australia, and is most often spread on breakfast toast (kind of like Nutella but without the chocolate or the hazelnuts). It’s a yeast bi-product that is derived from the sticky residue leftover from beer-brewing.

Most likely, such a product wouldn’t take off in America, but apparently New Zealanders are already pretty excited about the new pizza. A photo of the new creation on the company’s Facebook page garnered almost 700 likes with comments like “love it” and “what a great idea!” If you’re in New Zealand, try it out and order one online for only $8.

For the curious, we've put together a quick guide on What is Marmite and What is Vegemite.

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What the Mozzarella Poppers Pizza tastes like

Actually, you could consider Pizza Hut's new offering to be basically a free appetizer thrown in alongside your pizza. These mini mozzarella sticks aren't baked into the crust, instead, they're just sitting along the edge — two per slice on a large pizza. They can be easily detached for dunking into the little cups of marinara that Pizza Hut will be providing on the side.

The Impulsive Buy blog got hold of one of these new pizzas, and was. well, not super-impressed. The poppers themselves, seasoned with garlic, onion, parmesan, parsley, basil, and oregano, are crispy and relatively flavorful, especially when dipped in marinara. Detaching them, however, leaves a crust that's pale, moist and even blander than usual. The end verdict: Pizza Hut's new offering "is a bit ho-hum."

One thought on &ldquo Why Pizza Hut is Successful? &rdquo

I found this information to be extremely interesting. I was completely unaware that Pizza Hut was so vastly different in other countries. Admittedly, I am a big fan of the regular American version of Pizza Hut, but when traveling I will now look out for them to see if I can experience the difference. Metro UK, a website similar to American Buzzfeed, did an entire article devoted to different Pizza Hut specialties around the world. In New Zealand, you can find a marmite stuffed crust pizza as well as a beef poutine pizza in Canada. While I think it would be interesting to travel them all and experience their specialties, I think the differences between all of the Pizza Hut’s is exactly what keeps them successful in their own region.

Pizza Hut Is Selling A New Pizza With Spam Bites In The Crust And As A Topping

Pizza Hut is constantly coming out with new and original creations. Vegan stuffed crust, a mozzarella stick crust, and mac & cheese pizza are some of the more recent Pizza Hut endeavors of the last few weeks. Now, to take it all a step further, Pizza Hut is putting Spam on pizza AND inside the crust. Buckle up.

Now we've seen a lot of controversial pizza toppings in the past, but I will say this one makes sense. Spam is not much different than adding any other meat topping you prefer to your pizza, but this pizza is definitely for true Spam fanatics.

The Spam Cheesy Bites pizza is only available in the Philippines at the moment and is a limited time offer that will run through May 9. It's also only available at select Pizza Hut locations, making it even more of a rare pizza variation to come by. The pizza dough and cheese are nothing out of the ordinary, but the whole pie is topped with cubed pieces of spam.

Instead of a traditional crust, it's more of a pull apart type style that is stuffed with Spam and more mozzarella. It's available in both regular and large sizes, if you're super hungry or looking to feed a crowd. The price points convert into USD at around $8.25 and $12.55 for a regular or large, respectively.

Once again, the Spam Cheesy Bites pizza is only available at certain Pizza Hut locations in the Philippines, so if it seems up your alley it might be a little out of reach. You could always order a plain Pizza Hut pie and get a can of Spam to DIY it?! Maybe?!

Finally, There's Pizza That is Stuffed With Marmite

Marmite is one of the world's most delicious foods, said nobody outside of Australia ever. In actuality, it's quite an odd assemblage of yeastiness, gravy and something curiously unidentifiable. Maybe it's burned carbon. In any event, marmite is not anything you'd typically want near your pizza, much less in it. Well, it doesn't matter what you want because this now exists.

Pizza Hut New Zealand has just unleashed the CheeZee Marmite Stuffed Crust Pizza on their unsuspecting customers. As you can tell from the name, the crust is filled to the brim with cheeZee(?!) and the aforementioned marmite. Yum? The rest of the pie features three times the normal amount of mozzarella. That part might not be so bad.

If you find yourself in New Zealand anytime soon, you can pick one up for around $8 NZ which amounts to just $6.80 in American dollars. However, there is no prize or accolade for finishing the whole thing in some kind of time limit.

Pizza Hut Is About To Start Putting Beer In Their Crust

Like a cold beer with your pizza? Then you’re in luck, because Pizza Hut has taken this culinary relationship to the next level with their newest innovation: beer-infused pizza dough.

If you’re unfamiliar with the modern incarnations of fast food (remember when KFC unleashed the “fried-chicken-as-bun” Double Down?), this might seem like a strange choice. Since, well, pizza and beer are perfect on their own. Not that this kind of logic has stopped Pizza Hut before. For example, pizza, bacon cheeseburgers, and barbecue are all fantastic on their own, but Pizza Hut still managed to create the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza, whether or not anyone asked for it.

In fact, over the past couple of years, the fast-food chain has made these over-indulgent combinations staples of their cuisine. There’s the breadstick crust pizza, the hot dog-stuffed crust pizza, and the unbelievable-but-my-god-it’s-real marmite-stuffed crust pizza of New Zealand Pizza Hut fame. (No surprise, only some of these creations are successful and stay on the long-term menu.)

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These bizarro culinary hybrids embody the larger pressure Pizza Hut is under, the owners are attempting to make the company profitable again by establishing a larger foothold in the fast-food market, presumably by whatever means necessary.

It’s a strategy that’s resulted in some culinary question marks, but the fusion of pizza and beer is actually a bit interesting in comparison to Pizza Hut’s other creations, not least because beer already has an established place in food (items like beer pretzels and beer batter have been around for a while). So why now? As Kathryn Austin, Pizza Hut’s director of marketing, told The Mirror “We know that craft beers are really popular right now and we’re celebrating this not just by adding craft beers to our menus, but also by adding this to our pizza dough.” The theory being tying pizza in with one of the fastest growing beverage markets out there will draw considerable attention beyond the fast-food sphere.

But don’t let your mouth start watering just yet. The new beer pizza is being offered for the first time on Friday, May 20 th , but only at London’s Finchley Lido Pizza Hut. They’ll offer two beer-infused pizzas. One is called “The Steak Feast” and the other is called “The American Hot,” which sounds like someone was naming the new pizza and passed out midway.

Good news, though. If the beer pizzas are well received by English customers on Friday, they’ll be rolled out nationally, and then if still successful, internationally. And based on our love of pizza, whatever it’s stuffed or infused with, it isn’t too radical to hypothesize future partnerships between Pizza Hut and craft beer companies to create specific beer branded dough. We can already picture an Imperial IPA Deep Dish, and it’s beautiful.

Want to propose to your partner? Say it with pizza – but only in America. Pizza Hut in the States offers a proposal package to help customers pop the question. It costs $10,010 and includes a limousine, a ruby engagement ring, flowers, fireworks, a professional photographer and a $10 pizza, five breadsticks and 10 cinnamon sticks!

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Pizza Hut New Zealand Now Putting Burritos, Quesadillas and Nachos on Their Pizza

Pizza Hut New Zealand is no stranger to mixing up strange concoctions for their pizza. In the past, they’ve released a mouth-watering Chili Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza, and a somewhat questionable CheeZee Marmite Stuffed Pizza, but now they’re incorporating some Mexican flavor to their menu.

According to Brand Eating, quesadilla-, burrito- and nacho-flavored pizzas are now a thing, and they look interesting to say the least.

The burrito pizza consists of mild chili beans, onion, red bell peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes, burrito sauce, chili flakes and mozzarella cheese. The quesadilla has a crust on both the bottom and top of the pizza, making it look a little like a calzone. The Ultimate Mexican with Nachos sounds like it should have been my nickname in high school, but in this case it’s basically the same ingredients as the burrito pizza, but with tortilla chips added.

Now Pizza Hut Mexico should make some Mexican pizzas, but with legit Mexican food.

Pizza Hut Australia introduces vegemite-stuffed crust pizza

Vegemite is good for anything. A hangover, a grumpy a child, a bad day, cheese. Australians don't know how to get up in the morning without a glass jar of the black yeast paste nearby to smother on a bit of bread and devour like nobody's business.

As the rest of the world screws up its nose in disgust at the stinky glug, Australians eat it by the bucket load with a smug look on their faces. It's a party only Australians are invited to. You can have it on a SAO, you can have it on toast, you can have it straight from the jar on a spoon and now, you can have it stuffed into your pizza crust.

It is moments like this history is made. When life changes forever and pizza will never again suffice with prawns alone. Introducing Pizza Hut's Mitey Stuffed Crust: a perfect recipe of Vegemite and mozzarella cheese melted and shoved into the crust. Australia, your Hawaiian will never be the same.

And the tourist guinea pigs used in the commercial by Pizza Hut also will never be the same. The mystery substance hidden in a pizza crust was fed to them at a backpackers hostel in Bondi Beach, Sydney. The reaction is the reason every Australia will want to eat 20 of these local-only pizzas — the tourists, who clearly haven't learned a dash of Aussie culture, are absolutely horrified at the "medicine, petrol, fish thing" they just allowed into their foreign mouths.

You wouldn't understand. It's an Australian thing. (Even New Zealand had to suffer through a marmite version).

Smart play, Pizza Hut. Looks like we're staying in this Australia Day. Pass the pepperoni and vegemite.

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