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Harlequin muffins

Harlequin muffins

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Harlequin Muffin Recipe of 28-02-2014 [Updated on 05-09-2014]

Harlequin muffins are the tastiest carnival sweet I have prepared this year, I love playing with colors and so I mixed a traditional US dessert giving it the colors of our very Italian Arlecchino, children will go crazy at the sight of these muffins. This morning I accompanied Elisa to her first Carnival party, she is at my mom's school with little children older than her playing and eating chips and I am thrilled to know how the party went, if she had fun, how she related with the other children and I envy my mother a little because she can enjoy it in this beautiful occasion :) It was nice this morning to prepare it, with ribbons and sparkles, to turn it into a splendid trilly, although I had proposed that of Princess Sofia, after seeing all the carnival clothes in the disney store, she grabbed the dress, shoes and green wand and told me that she was a fairy and had to do magic, so that was the dress she wanted, how to give her wrong;) Now I have to leave you, duty calls me, I send you a kiss and I wish you a good day: *


How to make harlequin muffins

In a bowl, mix the egg with the oil, vanilla and milk

Pour the mixture into a bowl with the flour, sugar, yeast

Mix the dough with a wooden spoon, then divide it into 5 bowls and pour a few drops of dye into each one

Mix until you get the desired color

In a mold for mufin put the paper molds and pour a spoonful of dough of the color you want

Continue to add the dough as you go, alternating the various colors. Bake the muffins at 180 ° and bake for 15/20 minutes

Let the harlequin muffins cool before serving

And here is a riot of colors

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