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Artichoke meatballs

Artichoke meatballs

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Recipe Artichoke meatballs from of 01-03-2016 [Updated on 21-12-2018]

The artichoke meatballs with the racy heart they were my last experiment on meatballs. I prepared a fairly light version by sautéing the artichokes and cooking them in the oven, hoping that Ivano, who is still on a healthy diet, at least tasted them and instead ... nisba, not even this time I was able to convince him! But I really appreciated mine artichoke meatballs and luckily my parents kept me company in the tasting: P Excellent to serve as an appetizer or as a vegetarian main course, they can also be a way for children to eat artichokes, because we know that everything that is in the shape of a meatball , generally tempts you to taste it, apart from my husband, of course;) Well friends I leave you to this delicious recipe wishing you a good day, basins; *


How to make artichoke meatballs

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