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Chantilly cream or diplomatic cream

Chantilly cream or diplomatic cream

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Recipe Chantilly cream or diplomatic cream of on 12-01-2008 [Updated on 27-08-2018]

Characterized by its extreme lightness and ease of preparation, Chantilly cream is one of the most suitable creams for filling sponge cakes.
Chantilly cream is actually fresh cream flavored with vanilla with the addition of icing sugar but here with us usually the chantilly cream is nothing more than the union of the custard with the cream, the latter must be added in an amount that it varies from 30% to 70% compared to custard, but it all depends on the tastes and the use you want to make of it. Actually the name of this cream is diplomatic cream.
So I'll give you the recipe of what we call chantilly cream in my house;)


How to make chantilly cream

* Update on the name of the chantilly, just to be precise.

Simmer the milk with a vanilla pod (or, if you don't have it, use a vanillin sachet)

In a bowl, whip the egg yolks with the sugar.

Incorporate the sifted flour into the eggs. Now pour the milk into the mixture with the eggs and mix everything.

Transfer the mixture to a saucepan and cook the cream, stirring constantly so as not to create lumps. Leave to simmer until the cream thickens.

As soon as the cream has cooled, start whipping the cream.
Gently add the cream to the custard trying not to dismantle the Chantilly cream.

Mix everything gently and here is your Chantilly cream.