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Lupine meatballs

Lupine meatballs

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Lupine meatballs recipe from of 06-07-2017 [Updated on 06-07-2017]

Lupine meatballs are a delicious way to bring a second to the table vegetarian dish a little different than usual. Until a few years ago I ate lupins just to accompany an aperitif, but now I can cook several dishes by choosing this legume because it is tasty andrich in protein.
The lupine meatballs are my proposal for this Thursday, please let me know what you think;)
Ah, one last thing, if you want to make a lighter dish, you can also opt for cooking in the oven: 180 ° for 15/20 minutes and that's it. Kisses :*


How to make lupine meatballs

Start by shelling the lupins and then pass them in a mixer to obtain a puree.

Transfer the puree into a small bowl together with the egg, cheese, thyme, salt, breadcrumbs and mix.
Then add the sliced ​​bread and mix.

Now form many small meatballs.
Brown the meatballs in a pan with hot oil, browning them on both sides.

Your lupine meatballs are ready to be enjoyed.

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