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Stuffed gnocchi

Stuffed gnocchi

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Stuffed gnocchi recipe of 11-05-2017 [Updated on 11-05-2017]

The stuffed dumplings they are a tasty and very special first course. They are prepared with the mixture of the classic potato gnocchi and, in this version, they are stuffed with cheese brie and speck. The result is delicious stuffed potato balls which will then be served with a delicate flavored dressing based on butter, sage and parmesan.
It was really a long time that I wanted to try this recipe but I always put off because I was afraid that the stuffed gnocchi would be a bit heavy and instead I had to change my mind.
Of course you cannot prepare them for those on a diet but all the other diners are sure they will like it very much, as everyone in my house enjoyed.
So I leave you to the recipe and we will read later, kisses: *


How to make stuffed gnocchi

Boil the potatoes in plenty of water, then drain them.
Peel them and mash them in a potato masher collecting the puree in a glass bowl.

Now add the semolina, flour and a pinch of salt and knead the dough with your hands until you get a smooth dough.

Divide the dough into several pieces, then with your hands formed, on a floured work surface, cylinders with a diameter of 3 cm.
With a knife cut the gnocchi to a length of 3 cm and make a dimple in the center.

Cut the cheese and speck into cubes and use them to stuff the gnocchi.
Then close them forming balls.

Transfer the gnocchi in plenty of boiling salted water and lift them as soon as they rise to the surface.

At the same time prepare the sauce by melting the butter in a pan together with the sage.
Put the gnocchi in it, add the parmesan and the leftover speck and stir gently to allow them to flavor.

Your stuffed gnocchi are ready to be brought to the table.

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