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Cherry compote

Cherry compote

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-wash the cherries well and remove the tails;

-we fill the jar with cherries in half;

-over 4 tablespoons of sugar over the cherries;

-fill the jar with warm water;

-shake the jars a little to melt the sugar;

-in a saucepan we put a towel, on top we put the jars with Cherry compote and add water to the lid of the jars;

-we sterilize the jars with Cherry compote on low heat 15-20 minutes after the water has started to boil (if the cherries start to crack, turn off the heat);

-cover the pan with a towel and leave until the next day when we take out the jars with them Cherry compote from the water, wipe the jars, label them and store them in a cool place;


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