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Bame food, yellow rice and ayran

Bame food, yellow rice and ayran

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1. Wash the okra (if they are fresh, raw), cut the lids for the big ones and give them in two, for the small ones only the tails.

Rinse them in water with vinegar to get them out of the mucilage.

EDIT: at the recommendation of the specialist Mihaela11, the otters, if they are fresh, will harden in oil.

If they are canned, their juice will not sink unless you deeply dislike being gelled.

2. Cut the meat into cubes, wash it and drain it well.

In a non-stick pan, brown over medium-high heat, in 2 tablespoons of oil, diced meat and squeeze water well. Stir continuously towards the end so that it does not burn.

Remove the meat to a plate.

3. In the remaining sauce, heat the onion for about 2 minutes, chewing continuously without burning it, until it absorbs the sauce and does not remain completely dry. All this does not work in the enameled pan, use the Teflon pan.

4. Add the meat and prawns to the onion pan. CAREFUL! If it is old meat, it is boiled without lambs for about 1 hour or until it becomes soft and only then we add the lambs which are made quickly if they are canned.

5. We add hot water just enough to contain them.

We boil them halfway over a moderate heat without a lid, first with the lid ajar, otherwise it tends to swell and catch fire.

6. Put 1 tablespoon of tomato paste concentrated in a cup of water.

7. Meanwhile, fry the tomatoes for 30 seconds to peel easily.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

Add the tomatoes to the mixture in the pan

If we make a lot of noise with the tomato juice preparation and the oatmeal sauce decreases too much, we add more hot water.

8. Peel the garlic and cut it as usual.

9. Add a pinch of salt

If you like the taste, sprinkle a dash of cumin.

10. Boil over very low heat, until it bubbles slowly, under the lid, until there is enough sauce to contain the ingredients. Rather than drying too much, we better add a little hot water.

11. At the end we taste and salt if necessary.

Put 1/2 tablespoon of lemon juice. If there are lumps in the jar, we don't put them anymore because they are already sour.


1. In a frying pan over medium heat, put 1 tablespoon of oil and crush 2-3 noodle nests in your hand. We fry it until it turns brown but not burnt. Stir constantly and reducing the heat, for about 2 minutes or until it evenly takes on the desired color.

2. Put in the steamer 1 cup of rice well washed from several waters and drained a little.

3. Pour over the noodles, salt, 1/3 teaspoon of turmeric and cold water to pass as thick as a finger over the level of rice. We do not put more! The goal is to make it steam and not stick to the grain.

4. Boil tightly closed with the lid for about 15-20 minutes.

5.After boiling, add 1 cube of butter.

6. At the end, vent with movements from bottom to top with the paddle so as not to start to cool with grains glued together. It covers.


Drinking yogurt or (fatty yogurt + some cold water) to become fluid for drink + 5 chopped mint leaves + salt all beat well. Put 2 ice cubes in the glass on top.

Enjoy with pleasure!

Here's what a 9-month-old baby is allowed to eat

Fruits: bananas, apricots, pineapples, mangoes, cherries, crocodiles, quinces, apples, cranberries, nectarines, pears, peaches, watermelon (if there are problems with digestion, postpone for after 1 year), plums, figs, raisins, grapes , cherries, blueberries, avocado. Obviously, the seeds are removed from the stone fruits.

Vegetables: potatoes, onions, squash / zucchini, green beans, peas, carrots, parsley, endives, parsnips, leeks, beets, celery, eggplant, garlic, peppers, asparagus, soy / tofu, lentils, okra.

Cereals: all types, including corn, wheat, rice, barley, couscous, millet, black rice, barley or quinoa. No boiled corn. It's still hard to digest.

Dairy products: natural yogurts, cream, butter and cottage cheese. Cow's and goat's milk are allowed after the age of 1 year.

Egg: Some mothers lay whole eggs, however, at this age, only egg yolk is indicated. Eggplant has a higher risk of allergies.

Over: sardines, sea bream, salmon, trout.

Meat: turkey, chicken, chicken, lamb, beef (for those who have not started from 8 months).

The offer is great, but what the baby will really eat… remains to be seen!

A Turkish feast at my house

On Friday night we indulged in a feast like in the greenhouses of Istanbul, with authentic dishes that I did not even hope to find in my city. And yet :).

Turkish cuisine is very dear to us, it entered our hearts during our holidays in Turkey and we stayed there, because it has almost everything we like, bold aromas, balance, variety and taste. Although I like it so much, the culmination is that I only once ate Turkish food outside of Turkey and that was at the previous edition of the Food Bloggers Conference, when there was a party for participants in an Ottoman restaurant in Bucharest. . So never in my city, not before Friday. :)

And so it happened that on Friday night I was simply exhausted after a very long day of work. And starving to death, on top of that, and the man was looking at me with dizzy eyes from which all hope of hope had disappeared. And the idea comes to me: sir, I heard about a week ago about a food delivery service that also works in Timișoara. Well, if we don't test it now, when?

Said and done, I enter on the site. Select the city and when to select my street & # 8230 ups! My street does not exist for this service either, just as it does not exist for couriers and for almost any normal person. I don't get discouraged and call the contact number. A kind lady tells me to choose the nearest street, and I will explain on the phone to the boy who makes deliveries where to come. Wow, so I was offered a solution in 30 seconds, when the gas company didn't connect me for half a year because they refused to accept that my street existed! I'm already extremely impressed. Pleasant.

The list of Timisoara restaurants that make food deliveries through is quite limited, compared to the 166 in Bucharest. There are only 14 of them so far, and luck has made me discover the Turkish Anatolya at the top of the list (alphabetically ordered). We ordered more after our appetite and hunger, judging by our ability to eat everything we wanted.

Goodness of lahmacun (a kind of Turkish pizza stuffed with minced lamb and pleasantly spicy), Patlicanli Kebab (a kebab with eggplant, along with grilled tomatoes and hot peppers, all with a good smell of charcoal smoke), Saci Kavurma ( with veal), rice with fried noodles, hummus, ayran, cacik sauce & # 8230 and pork with tomatoes. As soon as I placed the order, the phone rang. After the accent, I realize in a few seconds that the restaurant I ordered from is an authentic one, because it couldn't be more Turkish than the Turk who had called me. However, I quickly understand that the man apologized to the mother of the fire, very marked by the fact that I had ordered oats and he did not have them. And that if I want, he sends me a "good, good salad with eggplant and tomatoes in oil". Okay, I say, and I did well, because she was really good, the poor man didn't recommend her in vain. Although after I placed the order, I seemed to become even more impatient, I was soon called by the boy who was making the deliveries. I explained to her in a minute where to take her and she found me quickly and my husband went out to bring the packages. Well, now the fun really started, because all the food ordered, for which I had paid 150 lei, meant three full nets! Obviously, we had to get on the phone and call for help, which was not too late and which gave us all the support to solve the "problem".

If you are a wine connoisseur, you should go on a gastronomic trip during which you will visit the local wine farms. During this tour, you walk through the cellars and taste various varieties of Macedonian wines. In addition, you will walk around the local restaurants, where you will be served seafood and fish dishes, an excellent complement to which are white, red and rosé Macedonian wines.

In Macedonia you can go hiking and mountaineering, go fishing or rafting, relax on Prespa and Ohrid lakes, look at the ancient monasteries, taste the original Macedonian cuisine.

Main dish

Shish Tawuk

Grilled chicken skewers, garlic and french fries - 200g

Skewers of mutton


Minced beef and ram with parsley and grilled onion - 200g

Mix grill

Beef Skewers / Chicken Skewers / Kafta Skewers - 300g

Arayes with meat

Stick stuffed with minced beef, onion and parsley - 200g

Arayes vegetarian

Stick stuffed with tomato, onion, parsley, mushrooms and bell peppers - 200g

Crispy chicken

Crispy chicken fillets with french fries - 250g

Riash Ghanam

Grilled lamb chops - 250g

Kafta with chicken

Minced chicken and lamb breast with parsley and grilled onion - 200g

Arayes with cheese

Stick stuffed with cheese, onion and parsley - 200g

Half grilled chicken

Half boneless grilled chicken with french fries - 400g

Kebbe on the grill

Minced beef and pine buds in a mixture of crushed wheat pasta - 150g

Yogurt kebab

Minced beef and ram with parsley and yogurt sauce - 200g

Kebab Has Has

Minced beef and ram with parsley and spicy tomato sauce - 200g

Grilled wings

Grilled chicken breast

Grilled chicken breast with french fries and garlic sauce - 200g

Turkey breast skewers with rice

Beyti kebab

Minced beef and mutton, yoghurt, tomato sauce, cooked vegetables and burg - 300g

Adana kebab

Spicy minced beef and mutton with french fries, burg, cooked vegetables and garlic - 300g

Arayes with chicken and cheese

Stick stuffed with chicken and cheese - 200g

Arayes with halloumi

Glue filled with halloumi - 150g

Princess chicken kebab

Minced chicken and lamb, cheese and french fries - 300g

Chicken Lollipops

Chicken wing acads, cabbage salad with mayonnaise, garlic sauce and french fries - 300g

Antake kebab

Minced beef and mutton with parsley, mint, tomatoes and burg - 300g

Orphan kebab

Minced beef and mutton with burg - 300g

Raihan kebab

Minced beef and mutton with onion, basil and burger - 300g

Turkey kafta with burg

Minced turkey and lamb with burg - 200g

Calf skewers

Spicy veal muscle skewer

Put the jar

Boneless whole chicken, french fries, garlic paste - 1.2kg


Lasagna sheet, bolognese sauce, mozzarella and parmesan - 350g

Arayes with sujuk

Glue top, sujuk meat, cheese - 150g

Calf chop

Grilled veal chop - 350g


T-bone, asparagus and grilled cherry tomatoes - 500g

Steak Karamna

Lamb broth with bone

Lamb broth, potatoes, garlic, chickpeas - 300g

Boneless chicken legs

Boneless chicken legs with french fries, garlic paste, raw salad - 350g

Chicken adana

Spicy minced chicken and sheep breast meat, yellow rice, garlic paste - 300g

Delicious food recipes

Category: Healthy recipes. Healthy recipes from natural ingredients. lentil food. Chicken stew with rosemary. Ingredients (4 servings) 800 g chicken breast 400 g mushrooms 300 ml white wine 0. 5 lemon 2 onions Read More. rosemary. Baked apple with orange sauce Before preparing one of the simple and delicious recipes we have selected for you, we give you another important piece of advice: the longer the minced meat is exposed to air, the greater the risks of forming germs. Therefore, we recommend that you mince the meat just before you start cooking Recipes from various parts of the country. How to cook in Muntenia, Moldova, Oltenia, Ardeal, Bucovina, Dobrogea, Banat and what ingredients are used Main dishes # roasted oats # oatmeal recipes # oatmeal 5 delicious oatmeal recipes 5 delicious oatmeal recipes although their effects are really beneficial for the body. Oatmeal is low in calories, but it is a rich source of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and essential minerals. We are glad that you share with us the passion for taste and good food. Welcome to the world of taste! Now in a new format. 15 delicious seasonal recipes. 4 votes. 0. Here are the most delicious recipes of January: 1. Cream of carrot soup with oranges. 2

The most delicious recipes. Ingredients: 7 yolks, 150 g sugar, 120 ml water, 2 tablespoons melted butter, 200 g flour, 1 sachet baking powder, 2 tablespoons cocoa. Cream: 7 egg whites, 10 tablespoons sugar, 2 sachets of vanilla pudding powder, 600 ml milk. Cream: 400 ml liquid cream for whipped cream, 2 sachets of whipping cream from Dr. Oetker, 3 tablespoons powdered chicken. chicken food with dill. stew of pipote and hearts. cauliflower food with chicken. summer cabbage with chicken. pea dish with chicken. pumpkin food with chicken. chicken food with chicken. chicken stew. chicken breast with sour cream and tarragon. spaghetti with chicken sauce. pasta with chicken, asparagus and goat cheese. pasta with sauce.

prescription of foods of post delicious. For the period of fasting, we propose 5 prescription of post delicious. They are simple, with few and cheap ingredients and do not require much time spent in the kitchen. Recipe of cauliflower with mushrooms of post. For this way of food you need of Posted by Postolache Violeta on March 02, 2012 in food recipes fasting recipes quick recipes traditional recipes vegetarian recipes | Comments: 26 For all those who fast, here are some fasting recipes with which you can more easily get over the fasting period Chicken Nuggets from: chicken breast, flour, egg, oil, water, salt, pepper. Ingredients: 2 halves of boneless chicken breast 1/4 cup flour 3 tablespoons flour 1 egg oil for frying 120 ml salt water and pepper Preparation: Cut the chicken into pieces. Beat together the egg, flour, water and salt. Put [Mood is all the result of your own lifestyle. Both physical and mental health depend, to a large extent, on the daily habits we have and the way we live. So let's learn to live beautifully and enjoy everything around us

Release the fish! 3 delicious fasting recipes that are prepared in 15 minutes. Sicilian recipes Take advantage of every release of fish during Lent to pamper yourself with some delicious and extremely fast dishes. Want to have a fish dinner ready in just 15 minutes Delicious soups recipes: how to cook delicious soups and the most delicious recipes of delicious fasting dishes, delicious fasting cakes, traditional soups, sour soups, light soups, simple soups, tasty soups , fast soups, good soups, Transylvanian soups, delicious recipes, Easter fasting, potato food, mushroom food, fasting recipes, fasting food by Andreea Voicu March 9, 2015 - 21:17 LinkedI Fasting food recipes. Find out right now what are the 3 delicious recipes to try during Lent. Until August 15, when Orthodox Christians celebrate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, fasting What to eat to lose weight: 5 healthy and delicious recipes. I will show you with the help of 5 healthy eating recipes that you can transform your body and enjoy food at the same time. The secret to getting rid of extra inches and changing your eating habits are not restrictive diets to lose weight.

The most delicious and surprising 16 fasting recipes During fasting, you can surprise your family with some super delicious and surprising recipes. Although we presented in a previous article 8 recipes for fasting sarmalute, we thought we would surprise you with something else :) Desprecopii has collected 16 more fasting recipes, prepared and tasted by our members This is the basis of today's entire article, in which I will show you 10 ideas for transforming leftover food into delicious, healthy and fast food! You will find in this list the main dishes - meatballs, moussaka, sarmale, stuffed vegetables and many other wonderful recipes that you can easily try Delicious and easy to make fast food recipes. As long as the positions last a year, we usually keep them, even if not until the end. So, over time, I've been collecting a lot of fasting recipes on the site. Food Recipes. Beef steak in tomato sauce. delicious-September 8, 2020. 0. Food Recipes. Baked vegetables with sour cream and cheese. delicious-August 31, 2020. 0. Food Recipes. Baked peppers stuffed with cheese. A head of garlic, 2 teaspoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of. Food 1005 recipes: Cabbage Food with Pork, Quince Food, Spinach Food, Cauliflower Food, Lentil Food, Baked Chicken Potato Food, Chicken and Tomato Breast Pumpkin Food, Indian Food lentils with vegetables.

Vary the menu with different types of meat, a good meat of pork, beef, veal or veal will definitely give special tastes to food. If you respect the time of cooking and you choose it correctly you will definitely have some tender and good meat 122 RECIPES FAST FOOD - HEALTHY RECIPES. You will find recipes for fasting sarmale, peppers stuffed in many variants, many recipes with mushrooms, potatoes, rice, pasta without eggs. The post will pass easily with the recipes I propose below. Delicious fast food, simple and fast, easy to prepare, something light but tasty and fragrant and why not with Chocolate Pancakes May 26, 2014 Food Recipes

Tania Bordianu offered us some excellent recipes based on buckwheat. We invite you to try them. Deserve! Buckwheat salad. For the preparation you need 200g of brown buckwheat, 150g of green bean pods, 1 yellow bell pepper, 1 small onion, 1 bunch of parsley, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and sea salt with aromatic herbs Delicious recipes: Pork with olives. In the kitchen of the chef 4 November 2011. Print. A delicious recipe for pork with olives from: pork meat, coriander seeds, black peppercorns, sugar, spices, olive oil, onions, red wine, olives, salt and coriander Ingredients for Pickle Food - 5 gogonele, 5 donuts, 2 pickles, 2 bunches of cauliflower, 2 carrots, 1/2 small cabbage cut into strips, 1 onion, oil, salt, pepper, 1 tablespoon flour, vegetable concentrate, hot paprika, a little broth. Preparation Pickle food All pickles are cut into cubes. Finely chop the onion

Ingredients: 3 potatoes 1 green bell pepper 1 capsicum 1 onion 1 clove garlic 1 eggplant 1 zucchini 1 jar of mushrooms 80 ml olive oil 100ml soup. Delicious dishes for Christmas Fast Raw (dishes prepared without baking, as natural as possible) has taken on an incredible scale. From all food raw eaters, who eat any food in its purest form, to vegans, they all say they are happier and healthier since they gave up processed food. Let's try some tasty recipes too! Oh, don't forget: the food processor is essential

Food - Laura Adamach food recipes

  • Five delicious and simple recipes for the diet. Do you love food, but still want to be victorious in the fight against weight gain? Good news! Consuming 1,500 calories a day is as easy and tasty as possible when you follow these recipes.
  • Recipe from Hungarian recipe for beef goulash in a cauldron Add to favorites. Goulash in the cauldron! Clean and hungry food, free fire burning under the cauldron, by friends gathered together to share the same food, goulash.
  • Appetizers, Romanian recipes, Easter recipes. Beef salad is an indispensable dish on our Christmas, Easter and other special holidays. Many people make beef salad with chicken, turkey or pork. Some even do it without meat. Others give the meat cooked through the mincer until it comes out as ..
  • Search 29,589 recipes. Food Page 1 of 58. Paella is a famous Spanish recipe that includes delicious ingredients such as chorizo ​​or seafood. It is a traditional Spanish dish that you should not miss when visiting this country. But you can also prepare paella at home, simpler than you would be.
  • Home RECIPES Food recipes Vegetarian recipes Vegetarian recipes Whether you want to adopt a diet based on an exclusively vegetarian diet, or fasting or following a detox, you can look at some of the healthiest vegetarian recipes

Recipes & gt Tips & gt Delicious recipes for diabetics Delicious recipes for diabetics. Add to favorites Suddenly we no longer have a green light for any type of food, we need to know the ingredients of each product we consume, and the dessert that other family members enjoy without problems remains just one. Food recipes with pigeon meat: Pigeons in semolina nest with cranberry sauce, Pigeon ciulama with fresh mushrooms, Marinated quail, in the oven. For the first time I cooked these delicious birds. What came out was delicious and worth trying this Meatless Food Recipes: Smoked Beans and Sausages, Meatless Pea Food, Olive Leek Food - Video Recipe. Delicious baked pasta is a delicious recipe, fast and extremely easy to prepare even by Delicious Food and Cake Recipes. 190 likes. restaurants You need some tomatoes, avocado, green onions, basil, garlic, olive oil, and for dessert some fresh cheese, berries, apricots and biscuits. Here are three delicious recipes that you can prepare very quickly, without resorting to the stove

. We present you three delicious recipes that you can prepare with the Airfryer, safe and economical for daily use. 1. Crispy fish with french fries. Ingredients for 2 servings Simple recipes and especially quick recipes. We present a collection with the best food recipes, whether they are with chicken, pork, beef, fish or baked food recipes. Food recipes in the order in which they appear: Potato mousse with minced pork Roast pork in the oven Baked chicken legs with bacon Food recipes. 383 likes · 50 talking about this. Communit Categories: Meat recipes, Low calorie recipes, Cheap recipes. Very light food. 5 13. April 11, 2016. Baked meatballs with parmesan and tarragon Categories: Appetizer recipes, Meat recipes, Pork recipes, Easter recipes, Recipes with veal or beef Ingredients for the dough: Flour 500 gWarm milk 250 mlSugar 120 gMelted melt 50 gSunflower oil 50. Chicken legs covered with Serbian rice September 28, 201

Whether it's an appetizer or a whole meal with three dishes, you can turn a simple party into an unforgettable party with absolutely delicious dishes. If your friends have chosen to return to you, it means that you know how to focus on a delicious food, but which also looks good, at the same time The most delicious recipes with lamb April 22, 2019 The best and inspired recipes for Easter meal April 15, 2019 101 Food recipes with stevia March 16, 2019 15 fasting recipes for a complete, tasty and healthy menu March 7, 2019 The best French desserts February 22, 201 Nowadays, most of us do not have time to cook and try to eat healthy. For this reason, the decision to buy a certain product or food, to prepare a certain food is one dictated rather by the momentary impulse and not by a deliberate planning.

Recipes Vegetable dishes - Chef

  1. Recipes with Laura Laurențiu is one of the first culinary blogs in Romanian. Launched in 2009, the blog has gathered around it an enthusiastic community of cooking enthusiasts. Recipes with Laura Laurențiu offers step-by-step recipes with photos and video recipes, for a sure success
  2. Quick and easy to cook recipes. A variety of meat recipes and vegetarian recipes for all tastes. Whether you need ideas for every day or for special occasions, to impress your family and friends or guests, here we offer the best recipes
  3. Top recipes. Turkish lentil soup. Turkish lentil soup is very tasty, healthy and nutritious. Red lentil food. Red lentil food cooks very quickly and that's because lentils. Chicken liver with garlic. The livers are very sensitive to heat treatment and can harden or. The real Dobrogean pie
  4. 2 delicious recipes with seafood and fish. black rice recipes Cooked dog food: cooking tips and recipe ideas. black rice recipes For a balanced diet and an enviable shape, the dog needs, in addition to dry food, and cooked food, prepared from healthy ingredients.
  5. All these recipes are delicious, filling and simple and I am sure that others will not even realize that they enjoy a vegan dish! All these low carb recipes can be served with the whole family for lunch or dinner and I assure you that even the most capricious will be impressed.
  6. ii. Nature re-greens, the first flowers appear and the sun's rays delight our souls

Chicken food recipes. These chicken recipes are simple, delicious and healthy. Baked potato dish. I have carefully prepared a lot of recipes with chicken legs, recipes with chicken breast, and wings. 1027 best chicken recipes images in 2020 Ingredients for Blackberry Jam - 1 kg blackberries, 1 kg sugar, 1 lemon, 1 tablespoon rum. Preparation Blackberry jam Choose ripe and fresh blackberries. Wash under running cold water. Then place the blackberries in a bowl in alternating layers with sugar and lemon juice Remove a baking sheet and a sheet of paper. Multiple choice test. Kitchen matter. Blueberry and meringue cake It is: a - fine b - trouble! INGREDIENTS for countertop 8 yolks 200 g sugar 50 ml oil 150 ml milk 250 g flour 1 sachet baking powder 400 gr fresh blueberries ingredients for [Find recipe suggestions for all times of the year, such as: Christmas recipes, Easter recipes , recipes for birthdays and recipes for autumn: zacusca, pickles or salads with vegetables. See free special recipes for all skilled housewives

Mexican food in the package. 5 delicious quesadillas recipes Publication date: Monday 19 May 2014, 00:06. Instead of the classic sandwiches for the next day, prepare some tasty quesadillas, a popular Mexican food that is easy to pack. You can heat them in the microwave and you will always have a warm and satisfying lunch. Salad with cheese and eggs is a delicious recipe from Argentina. Learn to cook Salad with cheese and eggs and enjoy traditional Argentine food recipes From May 1 the grills start to sizzle, and everywhere you will smell small and steak. Whether you are a vegetarian, fasting, or simply want a garnish of vegetables, it is important to know that they can also be grilled. Here are five delicious grilled vegetable recipes that are quick to prepare

Saturday (February 25) celebrates Chinese New Year 2020. It will be the Year of the Rat, according to the Chinese zodiac. Romanians have taken over many holidays from foreigners (Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving or Halloween) so they would not have gone to cook a Chinese dish at the wok to mark this event. Hello! Thanks for these old recipes, please - you also tried recipes like cake, cake for diabetics. I am insulin-dependent diabetic and from time to time I make a cake that grows nicely and when I take it out of the oven it is left and it becomes very beaten, not fluffy Delicious keto ice cream recipes. Natalia Talmacec. Recipes Recipes Keto Diet 05.06.2018 4122 0. Estimated reading time 1 minute, 29 seconds. If you have decided to redefine your figure following the famous ketogenic diet, our invitation to open a small artisanal ice cream laboratory in your home will delight you immensely. With the same. Garlic cream soup with vegetables. Photo source: Ingredients: 4 peeled and sliced ​​potatoes, 1 peeled and sliced ​​carrot, 1 onion cut in half, 1 piece of leek, celery leaves or 100-150 g celery roots, 2 small or large garlic cloves, 250 g tomatoes in broth, 2 liters of water, finely chopped parsley, 2 tablespoons olive oil, salt, pepper

The newest recipes - Culinary recipes: food and

  1. Delicious fasting menus and recipes. 4.5 (2 reviews) • Beetroot, carrot and apple juice • Olive paste • Potato soup • Sour cucumber food • Baked bananas • Green bean salad with peppers • Baked apples MENU 2 • Tomatoes stuffed with tofu cheese and cornflakes • Cream cumin soup • Pots of.
  2. If during the week we cook classic dishes, which will generally last us for 1-2 days and eventually we will take a portion to work, on the weekend we have a diversified menu and we try new recipes.
  3. DELICIOUS RECIPES Food at HeArT! Chef in my kitchen .. WELCOME TO HeArT! Monday, January 25, 2010. TIRAMISU. Posted by HeArT at 12:37 AM. You can't even imagine how tasty this food is. and the delicacy !.
  4. We invite you to browse our collection of recipes of all types and for all tastes - enter here, get inspired and try the ones you like. Red lentil food. One thing is for sure, we can't avoid delicious dishes and. 8 Food ideas that do not require a source of fire
  5. 9. Pumpkin cream soup. Photo: Missing, Shutterstock. Tai in bucatele dovleacul curatat de coaja si de samburi, dupa care il pui intr-o tigaie impreuna cu cartofii si cu morcovii taiati marunt, lasand legumele sa se caleasca. Lasi la fiert intr-o oala apa, la care adaugi dupa ce aceasta a fiert bucatelele de legume, sarea si piperul
  6. Reteta de mancare de fasole galbena pastai (sau fasole grasa cum mai este denumita la tara) este usor de facut si foarte gustoasa. Incercati sa gasiti fasole tanara, frageda, e mai putin atoasa. Este o mancarica usoara de vara, puteti sa o faceti de post sau sa-i dati un plus de gust adaugand carnaciori, bacon, kaizer, sunculita, ceva afumatura - ce gasiti ramas prin frigider
  7. Retete delicioase, gustoase, savuroase. Supe, ciorbe si mancaruri cu gust adevarat. Prajituri si cozonaci de casa

Retete Vegetariene - Retete culinare Laura Adamach

  1. Acum esti aici: Acasa » Retete de paste delicioase si rapide. Retete de paste delicioase si rapide. June 26, 2020 November 25, 2017 . Tăiţei cu sos de praz. Mancare de Post cu urzici. Reteta Friptură de găină.
  2. 26.02.2020 - Explore adrian banica's board retete delicioase on Pinterest. See more ideas about Rețete culinare, Gătit, Mâncare
  3. 10 idei de retete delicioase cu dovleac. De Isabela Polnar. Luni, 06.10.2014. Dovleacul este leguma-fruct care ne face toamnna mai colorata si bucataria mai bogata. si mai putin ca ingredient in feluri de mancare, precum supa sau tocanite. Este o leguma grozava, care poate fi introdusa in alimentatia bebelusului inca de la 4 luni, nu.
  4. Mancare de urzici (de post) Cuibulete de fidea delicioase si aromate (0) Se fierbe intr-o craticioara apa cu un praf de. Ultimele retete. Salam de biscuiti Salata de vinete asiatica Budinca de tofu cu textura fina Cornuri cu suc de portocale umplute cu rahat sau dulceata (de post).
  5. Retete de post. Afla cele mai bune retete de post. Cu ajutorul acestor retete poti gati usor si gustos in timpul postului. Vizitati cea mai variata gama de retete de post. Reteta orez cu varza de la Muntele Ahos. De ce are nevoie o mâncare? Întâi de toate, de ingrediente bune, de calitate, deoarece așa arăți că‑ți iubești fratele și.
  6. Site despre mancare, retete gusoase si restaurante din Bucuresti
  7. Restaurant Better food - Better life - rețete culinare delicioase și sănătoase. Restaurant Better Food din Oradea care este deschis de aproape 3 ani, are ca motto Better food - Better life

Retete culinare romanesti si internationale, alege ce sa gatesti dintr- colectie de tocanite, fripturi, retete de mancare simple, mancaruri cu pui, por 3 retete de cafea absolut delicioase 07 Noiembrie 2018 Dulciuri, dupa reteta nutritionistului: Gustoase si cu mai putine calorii 03 Septembrie 2017 1 comentariu Reteta zilei: Super-sandvis cu de toate 29 Iulie 2016 Reteta nutritionistului: Spaghete din grau dur cu creveti 21 Iunie 201 . 7 retete delicioase pentru cina gata in 30 de minute Publicat: Miercuri, 04 Septembrie 2019 07:56 // Actualizat: Miercuri, 04 Septembrie 2019 07:56 // Sursa: Tot ce vrei cand ajungi acasa este sa prepare o mancare rapida pentru familie La Taifas Retete culinare Rețete de post Mâncare de Ștevie - 2 Rețete Delicioase. Mâncare de Ștevie - 2 Rețete Delicioase. joi, 20 martie 2014 // Postolache Ana Maria // Adaugă comentariu. Ștevia este un vindecător natural al organismului uman. Conține Vitamina A și D, magneziu, zinc, potasiu, calciu, fibre, proteine și. Varza albă poate fi îndulcită, se sujerează din ea, se pot face salate și se coace. Cu o mică fantezie culinară, puteți găti o mulțime de feluri de mâncare dintr-un cap de varză.. Subtilitățile de gatit varză albăVarza albă este bine păstrată și ieftină, dar are o serie de caracteristici care trebuie luate în considerare [

Retete Rapide - Caietul Cu Retete

Blog de retete delicioase. Cu retete delicioase te bucuri de mancare buna si sanatoasa,facuta in casa. Meniu. Sări la conţinut. mazare Salata de orez. Ingredient. Pentru 4 persoane: 300 g orez lung 100 g kaizer (sau costita) 150 g mazare fiarta 150 g boabe porumb Ghiveciul facut dupa aceasta reteta e o mancare de vara pe care o poti savura in tihna, cu salata verde sau cu rosii proaspete, sau in mijlocul iernii, cu muraturi delicioase alaturi. Ingrediente 2 cartofi medii 2-3 morcovi medii 1 dovlecel o vanata 2-3 ardei gras 2 conserve rosii in bulion o conserva amestec mazare+porumb o conserva fasole. 3 feluri de mancare orientale pe care sa le incerci acasa 3 retete delicioase, de preparat la Wok. by Team WikiFood Am modificat articolul ultima data pe: 21.09.20. Am modificat articolul ultima data pe: 21.09.20

Mancaruri de POST - Retete culinar

05.08.2020 - Explore musat stefana's board Retete culinare on Pinterest. See more ideas about Rețete culinare, Rețete, Mâncare Cum se face sandwich vegetarian - reteta tramezzino vegetarian Detalii Categorie: Mancare Sandwich-urile sunt celebre in toata lumea si, totodata, delicioase fiind ideale pentru orice ocazie: picnic, gu

Retete de mancaruri cu carne - Retete culinare : e-Retet

  1. Luni: Tortilla de cartofi cu telemea - Tortilla, cunoscută și sub denumirea de omletă spaniolă, este propunerea noastră de ce să mai gătim la început de săptămână. Diferită de tortilla mexicană, care este un fel de lipie, tortilla spaniolă are ca ingrediente de bază ouăle și cartofii, la care se pot adăuga diverse alte ingrediente, în funcție de preferințe
  2. Cu retete delicioase te bucuri de mancare buna si sanatoasa,facuta in casa. Meniu. Sări la conţinut. mancaruri cu carne de pui.
  3. 1 cană de linte uscată 400 gr fasole neagră clătită 1 ardei roșu mic 1/2 ceapă roșie 1-2 roșii ceapă verde. pentru dressing: zeama de la 1 lămâie 2 lingurițe olei de măsline 1 linguriță muștar Dijon 1-2 căței de usturoi tocați 1 linguriță chimion 1/2 linguriță oregano sare după gust 1/3 linguriță coriandru. Mod de.
  4. Retete Mancare, București. 38.162 de aprecieri · 37 discută despre asta. Like us ! - si esti la curent cu cele mai noi retete de mancare ! Retete de mancare gustoase si santoase preparate in mod..

Retete De Post - Cutiuta cu retete

Ciorba de ciolan afumat Ingrediente: 1 ciolan afumat 2 morcovi 200 gr ardei (eu am folosit pasta de ardei 4 linguri) 2 cepe 3 cartofi mai mari 50 gr orez 50 ml ulei 3 galbenusuri 400 ml smantana 50 ml otet ( am folosit otetul de pe ardeii iuti de la borcan) 1 lingurita tarhon sare Preparare Retete Vegetariene Cartea ta de bucate online. Rasfoieste printre numeroasele retete ovo-lacto-vegetariene. Printre retete vei gasi garantat idei noi pentru a pregati un aperitiv apetisant, supe si ciorbe gustoase, mancaruri vegetariene delicioase si multe altele O reteta clasica in bucataria romaneasca, reteta de snitele de pui este foarte populara si in propria bucatarie. Delicioasa si usor de preparat, reteta de snitele de pui va continua cu siguranta sa fie preferata multor persoane. Ingrediente: 500 g piept de pui fara os 4 oua mari sau 5 oua mici sare piper 200-25

Reteta de post: Mancare de morcovi Mancarea de morcovi este foarte usoara si plina de vitamine. Intreaga familie va savura aceasta mancare de morcovi cu cartofi Retete Delicioase. Corpul tau este casa in care traiesti. de cadouri. Suc de agrise. Mancare de arpacas: Ingrediente: 1 cana de arpacas , 500 ml supa de legume, 1 fir de praz, 4-5 ciuperci, 100 gr masline fara samburi, ca. Salata de praz Omletă cu ciuperci este o reteta delicioasa din Croatia. Invata sa gatesti Omletă cu ciuperci si savureaza retete de mancare traditionale din Croatia

Retete de mancare Laura Laurenți

Retete fel de fel delicioase. 173 K de aprecieri. Retele de prajituri (unele nu toate)le-am gasit,pe internet, dar le- am facut si eu..Sunt delicioase si se pregatesc usor Diversificarea alimentatiei-retete culinare mancare bebelusialimentatiei - retete culinare pentru bebelusi\ primul ghid pentru parinti care doresc sa. colectie de peste 150 retete culinare pentru prepararea mancarii bebelusilor intre 4. mare, Te rog da-mi ceva MANCARE Fructe multe si gustoase, Si legume sanatoase. Mancare diversificata: retete din carne de pui, vita, oaie, porc, peste sau iepure, retete de post, precum si fripturi si tocaturi, toate reunite in aceasta categorie. Va invit sa le incercati, retete de mancare simple si rapid de facut si la fel de gustoase, retete culinare fel de fel, explicate detaliat, pentru o reusita garantata Copilul refuza sa incerce orice mancare noua? Nu vrea sa manance decat paste sau pizza? Retete delicioase pentru copii mofturosi. 50 de retete sanatoase. 0,00 (0 voturi) 34,30 Lei 38.00 Lei. Reducere de 10% - Economisesti 3,70 Lei. Cumpara.

Retete de mancare - Pagina 2 din 17 - Bucataria Romaneasc

  1. BebelusiPofticiosi va ofera o colectie de retete delicioase, rapide si sanatoase pentru copii si multe informatii utile
  2. e
  3. Am cateva retete simple si delicioase unde ingredientul principale este unul dintre cele mai sanatoase alimente: fasole verde! In 100 de grame de fasole verde sunt doar 31 de calorii, aceasta leguma fiind una dintre cele mai recomandate alimente pentru cura de slabire
  4. Sugestie de prezentare. Categoria din care face parte reteta culinara:desert. Este specifica bucatariei: internationala Descrierea retetei: Prajitura alba ca zapada este o prajitura foarte gustoasa, care este bine sa fie preparata cu 1-2 zile inainte de a o servi, pentru ca foile sa se inmoaie de la crema si pentru a disparea mirosul de amoniac produs uneori de praful de copt
  5. Nu ai de ce sa iti faci griji. Nu se vor strica. Capsunile sunt niste fructe foarte versatile, care pot fi consumate crude sau incluse in diverse tipuri de preparate si deserturi absolut delicioase. De asemenea, acestea pot fi conservate in diverse forme: congelate, transformate in gemuri si dulceturi

Retete rapide - Retete practic

Retete de post pentru postul Pastelui si al Craciunului. Retete cu legume, fara carne pe care le poti prepara in orice zi de post. Retete vegetariene si vegane pe care le poate consuma oricine mai ales in post

  • 200 grame paste (fussili, in cazul meu)
  • 1 vanata
  • 1/2 buchet broccoli
  • 1 ardei gras (eu am ales unul galben)
  • 75 grame spanac proaspat
  • 1 lingura ulei masline
  • sare, piper,chili, dupa gust
  • condimente, dupa gust (eu am folosit putin garam masala–amestec indian de condimente)
  1. Pastele se fierb in apa cu sare, pana ajung la consistenta al dente.
  2. Intre timp, legumele se spala, iar ardeiul se curata de cotor si samburi
  3. Broccoli si desface in buchetele
  4. Se taie ardeiul in cuburi mai mari
  5. Spanacul se rupe cu mana si se lasa deoparte
  6. Vanata se taie cubulete.
  7. Se incinge o tigaie wok, se adauga uleiul, dupa care se adauga ci legumele taiate (vanata, ardeiul si broccoli)
  8. Se inmoaie legumele(al dente), se condimenteaza, se adauga spanacul si se amesteca usor cu spatula.
  9. Se mai tine compozitia pe foc 1 min, sa se inmoaie putin spnacul, se adauga pastele scurse, se amesteca totul sa se intrepatrunda aromele…se condimenteaza dupa gust si se serveste imediat.

Daca va place aceasta reteta de paste cu legume, nu ezitati sa-i acordati 5 stelute in chenarul de mai jos si sa-mi lasati un comentariu pe blog. Nu uitati ca aveti si posibilitatea sa distribuiti reteta pe retelele de socializare, pentru a veni in ajutorul celor ce au nevoie de ea. Multumesc!

Alimente permise in dieta Creatorului:

– Boabe: orz, porumb, mei, ovaz, orez, secara, grau

– Seminte: floarea-soarelui, de susan, de in, de dovleac

– Legume: soia, linte, mazare, arahide, tipuri de fasole

– Legume si fructe suculente care contin seminte: ardei gras, castraveti, vinete, fasole verde, pepene galben, bame, dovleci, dovlecei, rosii

– Fructe: citrice, cum ar fi lamai si portocale, fructe de palmier, fructe dulci

– Nuci: migdale, nuci de Brazilia, nuci de caju, nuci pecan, nuci

Ierburi (legume): sfecla, varza de Bruxelles, varza, anghinare, broccoli, conopida, morcovi, sfecla, cartofi, napi

Animale: vita, cerb, miel, bivol, elan, capra

Peste: bas, lufar, crap, biban, stiuca, somon

Pasari: pui, curcan, fazani, potarnichi, prepelite

Observatia este ca toate aceste alimente, legume, fructe si animale sa fie crescute natural, fara chimicale, pesticide, in medii bio, asadar legumele de la supermarket ies din discutie, ceea ce poate fi un minus in adoptarea acestui stil de viata. In lumea moderna este daca nu imposibil, cu siguranta dificil sa iti faci proviziile exclusiv din ferme bio.

Tipul de ardei pe care îl vei remarca peste tot în Turcia este cel subțire și verde, fructul necopt al plantei intitutală generic capiscum. Cei roșii sunt adesea uscați la soare și vânduți în șiraguri, în piețele locale. Çarliston biber, cel verde foarte deschis, cu o formă adesea îmbârligată, amintind de papucii tradiționali turcești, sunt perpeliți pe grătar și serviți alături de kebap-uri delcioase.

Ardeii iuți nu sunt folosiți ca atare în mâncare, ci mărunțiți și folosiți cruzi în salate sau în aperitive, așa cum se întâmplă în çingene pilavı or taze ezmesi. Kırmızı biber, ardeiul iute roşu, este uscat și folosit în nenumărate feluri de mâncare.

Budincă de orez rapidă

În seara aceasta, am gătit ceva rapid, hrănitor și de răsfăț: budincă de orez.

A fost gata de fiert în doar 3 minute (era și prefiert)!

Pentru această păpică, am folosit orez basmati (basmati înseamnă înmiresmat. Are într-adevăr o aromă aparte),

zahăr brun din trestie (altă dată am folosit picături de ștevie, dar au strâmbat micuțele din nas și m-am îndopat mai mult singură cu bunătate de budincă!),

și un vârf de cuțit de praf de vanilie.

Am turnat 1,5 litri apă într-o oală și am pus-o la fiert.

o pungă de 500 grame de orez basmati alb (îl cumpărasem cu un alt gând, pentru supa cu găluște…, pentru că imită perfect grisul..).

Am găurit nuca de cocos, am scurs sucul sau apa aia din ea. Am trimis-o pe mezinuca, ajutorul meu de nădejde în bucătărie (căreia îi și place să gătească!) să spargă nuca în curte. Apoi, am început s-o curăț de cojița maronie

Când s-a încălzit apa, am turnat treptat orezul măcinat semigrunjos și am amestecat ca să nu se facă cocoloașe (dar tot s-au făcut câteva…, dar le-am zdrobit).

Orezul fierbea văzând cu ochii în timp ce amestecam în el. Am predat ștafeta mezinucăi ca să amestece ca să nu se prindă de oală și am terminat de curățat nuca de cocos. Am blendurit-o cu apă călduță. Am răsturnat laptele acela gros de cocos în oala cu orez. Am amestecat bine. Apoi, am adăugat cam vreo 100 și ceva de grame de zahăr și am amestecat din nou. Am adăugat praful de vanilie și am amestecat din nou. Am stins focul și am acoperit oala.

După ce s-a potolit din fiert, am umplut farfuriile…

Când am luat prima lingură, am resimțit gustul orezului pe care ni-l gătea mama, orez fiert în apă cu zahăr și ulei…

Da, nuca de cocos are multă grăsime… Se simțea textura nucii de cocos, chiar dacă o blendurisem la maxim… Cred că data viitoare, am s-o strecor… Sau mai bine n-am s-o strecor. Va conține și ea ceva. De ce s-o arunc? Pentru un moft? Pe cât putem, să mâncăm alimentele integral…!

Orezul merge atât seara, cât și dimineața. Așa că mâine dimineață, pot dormi 20 minute mai mult (ha, ha!)

Dacă nu aveți moară de bucătărie (de care eu sunt îndrăgostită nevoie mare, căci mă ajută să gătesc rapid cerealele) la care să măcinați orezul, merge și prin râșnița de cafea sau blender cu viteză mare sau îl fierbeți întreg și după ce se răcește îl puteți blenduri…


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